Economic Zones

The Economic zone is a component for working space program that means establishment of a physical infrastructure that will be completed and ready to develop a business activity. These zones are divided in to certain plots, depending on the type of business activity.


Creation of a physical environment for national and international businesses,

Attraction of new (national and/or international) investments,

Gathering businesses in appropriate location to develop businesses,

Extending existing industry,

Development of certain locations.

Offered Services

Parcels ready for accommodation

Easy access and free parking space

Provides Security

Access to electricity power, water, gas, phone, internet and heating.


Bigger spaces for Kosovar businesses,

Batter conditions for businesses,

Quality and nearby business services,

Increase investments,

Regional development,

Increase number of employees.

Indicators of success

Infrastructure completion,

Fulfil fee parcels with (local and foreign) business,

Increase production capacities and improvement of local producers position within the market,

Reduce unemployment.