The educational system in Kosovo has been reformed in recent years with emphasis on the quality of education. Kosovo is creating the basic preconditions for the development of a knowledge-based society powered by a young population.

A new University Law passed in 2004 requires Kosovo’s Higher Education Authority to ensure that educational standards are in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.

Great importance has been given to establishing an educational system driven regulation. The National Quality Agency and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency are the main actors in supervising and licensing private and public providers of higher education in Kosovo. Currently Kosovo has two state universities and several private universities and colleges, with several globally acknowledged educational institutions among them. As part of the educational reforms, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, have founded the Public University of Prizren and the Public University of Peja. The government has undertaken the initiative to open three more public universities in the cities of Gjilan, Gjakova, and Mitrovica. The curriculum offered by the newly established public region is developed based on the mid-term needs of the local economy and an opportunity to offer education attainment opportunities to the citizens closer. With more than 50,000 students at the three state universities and at least 10,000 students at the private universities and colleges, a sufficient stream of highly educated labor is guaranteed. The number of yearly graduates is continuously increasing, with number of social science graduates being the largest, and natural sciences graduates following.

There are 33 private higher education institutes. Many of these institutions are collaborating with other universities in the world such as: The Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Sheffield, and Staffordshire University.

AAB Gjilani Vizioni për Arsim
Riinvest Dukagjini Kolegji Amerikan në Kosovë
AAB-Riinvest ESLG Internacional Prizreni
FAMA ISPE Europian në Prishtinë
Iliria Juridica Biomedica
UBT Humanistica UNIPZ
Dardania Universi Prizreni
Biznesi Tempulli Profesional
Victoria Evolucion A Design
KMI Globus Design Factory Akademia e Arteve
Pjetër Budi QEAP Heimerer Universum

There are 47,070 students enrolled in University of Pristina in academic year 2011/2012.

  • 4,496 students graduated in Bachelor Studies.
  • 647 Master level students graduated in 2010/2012.
  • 2738 students enrolled in 2011/2012 in University in Prizren.
  • Approximately 10,000 students enroll in private higher education institutions.