Export Division Services

The Export Promotion Division operates as an integrated part within the IPAK agency. Empowered with a highly qualified team, this division is your partner when it comes to making your decision for investing in Kosovo. The main goal of this division is to promote goods produced and services offered by companies across the territory of Kosovo for foreign markets. The team works closely with local and international companies in Kosovo through:

  • Identifying local partners and suppliers, including organization of meetings,
  • Maintaining the database for exporting companies,
  • Distributing analysis and studies for different sectors,
  • Helping Kosovo based exporters to launch their goods to international markets,
  • Supporting in the organization of fairs at home and abroad,
  • Organizing seminars and study meetings regarding the requirements of foreign markets for certain products,
  • Offering grants in developing programs to enhance the competitiveness of Kosovo companies
  • Providing IPAK publications and materials, and
  • Cooperating with business associations on developing promotional policies and incentives for export