How to get to Kosovo

Located in the heart of the Balkans, Kosovo serves as a bridge among the countries of South Eastern Europe. Through its unique geographical position and its liberal trade regime it offers instant access to the growing market in the Balkans and Central Europe - comprising 100 million potential customers.

Kosovo’s capital, Prishtina, is located within a one-hour’s drive of each neighboring country. Ongoing infrastructure projects include the construction of a modern highway connecting Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia. The driving time to the Albanian Sea Port of Durres is three hours, and Thessaloniki Sea Port is only four hours away. In addition, Prishtina International Airport offers daily air connections to many major European cities.

Road network

The road network consisting of 630 km of main roads has been largely rebuilt over the past few years in addition to some completely new roads. The new highway, currently being constructed, will connect Kosovo with Albania, on one side, and with Serbia on the other. This large infrastructure development is establishing the country of Kosovo as the most important gateway that connects the Central and Eastern Europe with the Adriatic Sea.


The railway network in Kosovo has a combined length of 330 km and covers the entire territory, connecting all the sides of the country. On both its southern and northern sides, the line provides access to the international railway network. The ongoing rehabilitation and modernization of Kosovo’s railways is satisfying the growing demands for logistical services.

Air communication

Besides the road and railway network, Kosovo has a modern international airport. With over one million passengers per year, Prishtina International Airport is ranked among the most frequented airports of the region, serving several international airlines and offering flights to the most important European centers. Prishtina International Airport is moving towards becoming an international hub in the near future.

Prishtina’s international airport is located 15km from the city center. A taxi ride to the city center takes about 20 minutes and costs 10-15 EUR if you order a radio taxi by phone (Radio Taxi Victoria (038)/555-333; Radio Taxi Beki (044)/111-555), and 20-25 EUR if you take one waiting outside. An airport bus departs daily at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 18:00 from right outside the arrivals terminal to the Grand Hotel in the city center; a ticket costs 3 EUR and can be purchased on the bus.

Regional Centre Distance from Prishtina
Skopje (Macedonia) 85
Sofia (Bulgaria) 270
Thessaloniki (port city -Greece) 315
Tirana (Albania) 260
Durres (Port city-Albania) 260
Shengjin (Port city-Albania) 230
Belgrade (Serbia) 360
Bar (Port city-Montenegro) 350
Sarajevo (Bosna and Hercegovina) 390
Bari (Port city- Italy) 570
Vienna (Austria) 930
Munich (Germany) 1200