Information for entry to Kosovo

An entry permit is obtained at the Department for Citizenship, Asylum and Migration, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, by presenting 10 days prior the planned day to enter Kosovo the following documents:

A copy of valid travel document(s)

Proof of the ability to cover expenses during the period of stay

A copy of a return ticket (for short stay)

A hotel reservation

A reason for said persons’ visit to Kosovo. (Depending on the reason for visit to Kosovo other documents may be requested)

In cases where Kosovo citizens invite foreign citizens to Kosovo, the Kosovar citizen must present, 10 days prior to the guest’s arrival, a guarantee letter to the Department for Citizenship, Asylum and Migration at the MIA, which is stamped by the District Court.

In cases of business visits, the guaranteeing person must present MIA documentation relating to the business that the foreign citizen will develop in Kosovo, and when necessary, a copy of the business certificate of the domestic company sending the invitation.

The foreign citizen has the right to stay in Kosovo for 90 days only. After 90 days he/she must report to the Directorate for Foreigners at the Kosovo Police, otherwise his/her stay will be treated as an illegal for violating national law.

Foreign citizens, subject to visa regime but bearing a valid multiple entry Schengen visa, may enter the Republic of Kosovo and stay up to 15 days without having to obtain a visa.

As of May 08, 2013, citizens of the EU member states, with a valid travel document, may enter transit or stay for 90 days and leave the Republic of Kosovo even with a valid Identification Card.

Republic of Kosovo will be applying visa regime to citizens of the following states.