Information and Communication Technology (BPO)

The IT sector in Kosovo, including Internet Service Providers, has experienced a remarkable development since 1999. From being inexistent 10 years ago, Kosovar companies in the IT sector offer today high quality services and the latest technologies to their customers both local as well as to foreign companies who want to outsource their software development and/or call and support centres.

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe. It is both skilled and multilingual, with English being only just short of an official language due to a high international presence. In addition, many Kosovars who have studied abroad are now returning to Kosovo, bringing with them skills and know-how. Today, public and private education institutions in the IT field, supported by companies such as CISCO or Microsoft, provide education to thousands of young Kosovars while the demand for this form of training is still rising.

Fixed broadband penetration rate, 2009 – 2011 (Source: Cullen International)

Be it the outsourcing of software development, data management, establishment of call and support centers or other consulting services, Kosovar companies offer high quality services at low costs. The recent acquisition of the largest IT company in Kosovo, Pronet, by the Assecio SEE is proof of high opportunities in this sector in Kosovo.

Kosovo has two mobile telephone operators and two virtual mobile operators. The state owned mobile telephony operator VALA, has currently over 1,000,000 users, while the second private owned mobile telephony operator IPKO – Telekom Slovenian, serves more than 350,000 users and has a territory coverage of 99 percent. The state owned mobile telephony operator VALA is in final phase of privatization and soon the new owner of 75% shares of company will be presented. In addition, great opportunities for foreign investors are available for fixed telephony, VoIP, cable TV, etc.