Inter-ministerial Steering Committee and Brezovica Resort LLC signed a contract on Brezovica Project

Inter-ministerial Steering Committee and Brezaovica Resort LLC today has signed the contract on the Project for Development of Tourist Centre of Brezovica (PDTCB).

The signature of the contract took place a week after the ISC meeting was held and where was confirmed the fulfilment of preconditions for finalization of the contract by the consortium side, also the terms (time frame) and conditions of the contract was approved.

According to the Procurement Law, contract will not fully enter in force for a period of 6 months (designated as a period of preliminary conditions), during which, the French consortium, according to the Request for Proposal and the contract must submit additional documents such as: financial closure and environmental assessment plan.

According to the proposal, investments are foreseen to be made in several phases and in amount of 409 million Euros. The first phase involves investments of 165 million Euros, and will last over a period of three years. The Development Concept of the proposal foresees premises of multi-usage for providing tourism activities throughout the year.

Above mentioned investment are expected to create over 3,000 new working places.

Brezovica Resort LLC (name of the company, limited liability company - LLC registered by the French consortium, foreseen in the Request for Proposal for PDTCB).