Kosovo Trade and Industry Minister Briefs Startup Businesses of Gjilan Region

In the series of businesses information campaigns in Kosovo municipalities, the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA), which operates under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Gjilan the information conference for businesses of the region.

The conference - organized as part of "Small Business Days 2015" - was attended by representatives of municipal authorities and businesses of the region, who had the opportunity to get information about initiatives and services provided by governmental institutions, which continuously support the development of the private sector and the creation of better conditions for investments aimed to affect the overall economic development of the country.

In her remarks, Kosovo Minister of Trade and Industry Hykmete Bajrami emphasized the continuous support of her ministry to the development of the private sector. She further said that this conference brought the Ministry closer to businesses and enabled them to hear about their problems and concerns faced during implementation of commercial activities. "Together with local institutions we are focusing our efforts on the improvement of the business environment in Kosovo, continuing the public-private dialogue for entrepreneurship development," stressed Bajrami.

In addition, Bajrami noted the Government's achievements during this period, pointing out the important steps taken as part of efforts to institutionalize the public-private dialogue, such as “the new fiscal package, which has entered into force and has already producing effects for businesses."

Bajrami informed the participants about the Loan Guarantee Scheme, which enables businesses easier access to finances, resulting in their capacity building. “As part of the new fiscal package, we have finalized in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance the Administrative Instruction on Tax Exemption, which releases businesses from tax payment during investments. This will result in better development of businesses,” she stated.

Bajrami further talked about the hard work focused on drafting a law on strategic investment. We have developed a Draft Law on Strategic Investment. "The Draft Law on Strategic Investment has been finalized, which will establish areas of strategic development in Kosovo; simplify investment procedures; and enable direct negotiations with strategic investors to bring new investments in Kosovo," she explained.

Finally, she explained to representatives of the business community the ongoing procedures for unification of different business numbers in a single number applicable to all procedures.

During the conference the General Director of KIESA, Besian Mustafa explained the services of MTI.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry shall always remain an open door for addressing barriers of businesses.

The most competitive enterprises of the Gjilan region were announced at the end of the conference:

The third place was awarded to “ABC DESIGN” enterprise LLC

The second place was awarded to “FLEXOGRAF” enterprise LLC

The first place was awarded to “AGROMARKET-KS” enterprise SOE

After the conference, the Minister visited the following enterprises of the Gjilan region: “Enrad” which produces radiators, “Pallma” LLC enterprise, which focuses on wood processing, and "Flexograf" LLC enterprise which specializes on packaging design and production.