Minister Bajrami participated in the official opening of the campaign for the promotion of domestic products “Made in Kosova”

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mrs. Hykmete Bajrami, participated in the official opening of the campaign “Made in Kosova” organized from the Kosovo Producers Club and with the support of the Government of Kosovo. The aim of this campaign is to promote domestic products to Kosovar consumers.

In her speech, minister Bajrami said the Government of Kosovo is working towards supporting domestic producers through creating stimulating policies and offering different facilitations which would help the process of production in our country. She added that except the production aspect, it is also being worked towards the promotion of domestic products because they are of high quality, but more has to be done so that services and products from Kosovo are consumed more. Without domestic production we cannot have prosperity and a steady economic development.

Minister Bajrami said that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo will be very cooperative and open to further deepen the dialogue and cooperation with domestic producers in empowering the production. This is the best way to decrease the trade unbalance of Kosovo, which is being dominated from high imports and a low degree of export, and to create new jobs and nationwide economic development.