The ministry of Trade and Industry and the Municipality of Shtime, sign a cooperation agreement on economic zones

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hykmete Bajrami, and the Deputy Mayor of Shtime Municipality, Fatmir Rashiti, in financial support of Shtime, signed the agreement on “building the economic zone infrastructure – second phase”, at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The minister Bajrami, on this occasion, emphasized the priority and the strategic objectives of the ministry she governs, on the support of the private sector, by improving the business climate.

During the signing ceremony, she assured the continuous support given to the municipalities with the intent of improving the private sector infrastructure, which would encourage foreign investments in Kosovo

Meanwhile, the Deputy Mayor of Shtime, Mr. Fatmir Rashiti, emphasized that this agreement would enable the completion of the basic infrastructure for further development of the private sector in Shtime Municipality.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry agreed to co-fund the above-mentioned project with the purpose of improving the infrastructure conditions in conducting commercial activities, with €150,000.00 for building a part of economic zone infrastructure. This is a continuance of the previous project of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which has helped the Municipality of Shtime to build the Technology Park infrastructure, in the amount of €200,000.00.