Small Business Days

Small Business Days it’s a campaign, role of which is to increase citizens awareness for the role of the SMEs on sustainable development and encourage public-private dialogue in order to tailor the policy in benefit of businesses. Our goals we ally with the European Commission goals in framework of the European SME’s Week, such as: 

Public –private dialogue

Task of which is to inform public opinion on activities of central, regional and local institutions, business associations and donors’ community in benefit of private sector development (through public-private dialogue).

Entrepreneurship Promotion

Promotes entrepreneurship to as many people, especially to youth and women, so that this category of people shall consider entrepreneurship as a career opportunity, and

Recognition to SMEs contribution

Deliver awards to those SMEs which have contributed the most on increasing the citizens’ welfare, as through: employment, technology application, innovation, etc.


  • Regional conferences
  • Top SME’s
  • Workshops with young people
  • “The most successful Women in Business” competition
  • “Women in Business”, trade fair
  • “Women’s entrepreneurial Leadership” conference
  • Exporter of the Year
  • Project Promoting Campaign